Who’s the ‘Cut Nut’?

I was born an inventor; drove mum mad with questions. Invention came easily. I would be a billionaire if I could implement stuff (just like most inventors).

In 1976 when I started out in the trinket trade I couldn’t believe how dumb the pricing model was. Badly cut D Flawless diamonds cost 2-3 times more than diamonds that sparkled like crazy and look colourless and clear of flaws. I started researching and invented cut grading tools. 

A few years later, when I met Martin Rapaport in NYC (diamond guru and economist), he started calling me ‘Cut Nut’, now my AKA. He was amazed that I could give the facet angles and proportions of any diamond using just a loupe.

Diamond Cut quality is too hard to grade, but in 2000 I patented the worlds first cut system Holloway Cut Adviser (HCA) that has been used to grade +10 million diamonds worth more than $50 billion dollars.